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Sandwiches in Kaimuki

Welcome to the Sprout Sandwich Shop Blog!

Aloha, Stef & Steve here. We are the co-owners of Sprout Sandwich Shop and great friends. We both live on the island of Oahu with our growing families and started this blog to give some insight into small business & entrepreneurship in Hawaii, to collaborate & share some fun ideas, favorite neighborhood finds, awesome local event info, health & lifestyle tidbits and to grow this blog from a seedling into a flourishing sprout!

So where do we even start? Let's go back to the beginning...The lease was signed for our little location back in August of 2013 and it took us 9 months! (Yes, 9 grueling months to get the door opened!) What was the location prior to a sandwich shop? How did we choose our spot? How did we come up with the concept of sandwiches? Who came up with the recipes? These are questions we get asked all the time, and we are happy to dive in and share everything we know. So sit back, relax, and hopefully we can entertain you while answering all of your burning questions about the story of Sprout Sandwich Shop. To be continued...

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